about sa firewalls

passionate about security

Boasting over 10 years International experience in enterprise level Internet based security solutions, networking and office automation solutions, SA Firewalls are fully equipped to provide you with a customised solution based around your needs.

With a range of solutions spanning from live Data Centre environments to home networking security, web application firewalls to web content filtering, e-mail archieving to continous data protection, secure remote access to load and link balancing, application security to secure wireless and more.

SA Firewalls have a customer base that spans most sectors including education, charity, retails, multinationals and mining plus a large range of SME's through Africa.

Our mantra
Your network security IS our business.

We worry about security so you don't have to

The world that is changing faster than ever before!  Were one you were connected for as long as you could keep your modem connected without drops or a phone call, we are now always connected to the outside world, whether it is via your cell phone or your laptop.  This means that the security landscape and risk is also higher than before.  Everybody wants the latest and greatest smart phone or tablet, and whats more is that jail broken device wants to be attached to YOUR network.

Policing devices is near on impossible.  What we now need is control measures and monitoring in place that ensure these devices can be controlled while on your network, and not having access to all your business critical systems.  

Simply ensuring your are ontop of your internal and internet security can be a full time job, not to mention a distraction from your day to day activities.  

This is why we are here! So we can configure and monitor your security solutions so you don't have to!

Working with SA Firewalls you can expect:

  • Friendly, educated, pre-sales sales and technical advise
  • Fully open and impartial advise to enable correct product selection
  • Dedicated post-sales support
  • Services designed to ease your support, management and reporting
  • High quality, reliable SonicWALL supply services
  • Competitive pricing
  • Sales, marketing and resource assistance for resellers

and much more...

vendor neutrality provides perfect solutions

We realise that the security of your network is of utmost importance, and your ability to protect your machines is dependant on being able to make a fully informed decision on what hardware is most suitable for your scenario.

We are here to ensure that you only pay for what you need, and you have a solution that can grow as you do.

We have carefully selected our partners to ensure that we have a complimentary range of solutions that will provide our clients with industry leading products, therefore enabling us to design tailor made solutions for you.

Qualified to advise

We are constantly learning and training.  We believe education and experience go hand in hand and keeping up with a cyber world requires us to stay on top of our game.  

  • Official EMEA Gold Dell SonicWALL Partner
  • Official Dell Preferred Partner
  • Certified Dell SonicWALL Security Administrator
  • Certified Dell SonicWALL Sales Representatives
  • Certified Barracuda Engineer
  • Certified Barrauda Product Specialists
  • Certified Barracuda Support Technician
  • Certified Barracuda Sales Partner 
  • Watchguard Certified Sales Professional
  • Watchguard Professional Partner


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